Hi Jeni! I just took your class for the first time yesterday. You must get this ALL the time, but I really loved your class. I liked how you dissect and explain the moves, including all the subtleties involved. I think I have good body and spatial awareness, so I get the moves quite fast, but I always wonder what details am I missing that my moves doesn't look polished as the instructor's. I really liked and appreciate that you cover those details that can help me not just getting the move, but to add quality to my movement (which I really need!). Unfortunately the class time always coincide with the only time I can rent space, but I really hope I can take your class more often. Thank you! ❤

Our studio recently hosted three Liquid Motion Workshops with Jeni Janover, and everything about it was amazing. The workshops were very well organized and covered a good amount of material without being overwhelming. Jeni is very approachable and down to earth, she’s extremely passionate about her trade and clearly enjoys and loves to share her knowledge and expertise with others. She made sure each student received some form of feedback and left feeling a sense of accomplishment. I’m looking forward to practicing what I learned and applying the LIQUID MOTION modality to my form of dance and movement. Thank you Jeni for sharing your time, heart and passion with us.

Back home and I finally got a few minutes to realize how much has happened during these last two weeks – needless to say I’m completely overwhelmed! I’m still not sure of 55 h of training within less than two weeks have been my best or worst idea ever and I’m really sorry I couldn’t give 100 percent in many classes I took. However, I still learned tons of things and loved to be a student again <3 And I’m still more than impressed of what my body is actually capable of without any major injuries happening! ... Jeni Janover, Emily Sanderson and Stella Fink – I can’t say how much I loved Liquid Motion. I always loved floorwork, but you’ve taken it to the next level! And Jeni, my body awareness improved so much within this short time. I’m deeply grateful for our private, I wish I could work with you more often. You already changed the way I move <3 And last but not least – I couldn’t believe so but there’s actually more to see in New York than Body and Pole. Thank you for an amazing time relaxing and doing all the things normal tourists do and don’t do to my favorite human Martin :*

We have hosted Liquid Motion twice in our three years of being open as a studio and we can't wait to host them again in 2016! The staff is simply incredible!!! Everyone had fun and learned soooooo much new material. Jeni has an empowering way of teaching and explaining that makes you feel comfortable enough to ask questions and step outside your comfort zone. The doubles workshop was untouchable to anything our studio as ever experienced - it was simply amazing!

Thank you Liquid Motion!!!

I had never worked with Jeni before so I have to admit I was a little unsure of what to expect, but I was so thrilled with the experience. Jeni (and Brandon) were so great and personable. Fun & easy to work with, full of great skills and information to share.

Our students and staff loved our experience and we will definitely work with liquid motion again!

Today I want to express my gratitude to Jeni Janover and Liquid Motion. Tuesday I got to experience it up close and personal and to see Jeni at work. Whenever an instructor is able to define and dissect movement concepts in a way that is understandable to any level of mover, I feel so happy. She has nurtured and loved on the fundamental ideas of movement and sensuality, and she translates what can be a complicated foreign language for others into a clear toned experience. Also, she makes me WANT TO DANCE. And my god, I did just that. Literally felt like throwing my crutches to the other side of the room and diving for the floor. And she embraced it with cheers. And I got all LIQUID in the room on the floor. And it made my soul happyyyyyyy.

I had heard lots of wonderful things throughout the pole community about the Liquid Motion method and so I was very excited I could bring them to my studio for 2 workshops. What a great decision!!!! I really enjoyed learning the techniques and am eager to apply them to my pole workout. Jeni was so fun, and down-to-earth that all my students and I were instantly put at ease and her welcoming teaching style. Both LM 1 & LM 2 were fun and exciting. So many eye-opening moments!!!!

I heard about Liquid Motion when they were just starting out. I first found Jeni through StudioVeena where she told me about her program and that she would be bringing it to Brass Vixens in Toronto. I was the woman with no dance experience who jumped into pole and originally cared only about getting the next trick. I was just changing my tune when Jeni and I started chatting, so I quickly booked myself in to Liquid Motion 1 and Liquid Motion 2. I was performing in my first showcase the same weekend as the workshops and I was terribly nervous. The workshops had a profound effect on me, as did Jeni herself. She is an amazing instructor who taught me all about myself in that 3 hour period. My pole journey turned a complete 180 degrees that weekend. I also knew that I had to share her and her program with the many women I was teaching at Capital MissFits, so within 3 months, I had her booked into our studio and she made the trek once again to Canada. We had 2 days booked with her workshops. She taught both LM1 and LM2 each day, and I again took all workshops...I soaked up everything she taught us, and I was still wanting more. Since that time, Jeni and I have become good friends, and she is my mentor in my journey to find "me" in pole...I take every opportunity I can to learn from her. And again, just this past month, I brought her back to Canada to share her with my students. She never disappoints. I took all 3 workshops this time, my first time seeing the 54Floor, and again I soaked up eveything I could. Jeni is a tireless instructor with such a passion for what she does, it comes through in everything she teaches. She always goes above and beyond to put people at ease, even while pulling many way out of their comfort zones. And she is a gracious guest and a wonderful friend. I can't wait till next time!

Spinning Angels Pole Fitness asked Liquid Motion to come and do workshops with us in Jan 2013, and we still say it is the best workshop we have ever done! We liked the workshops and instructors (Jeni Janover and Danielle Mayzes McCarthy) so much we asked them to come back in October!

In October we got to do the newest workshop "5 For Floor" and LOVED it just as much as Liquid 1 & 2. Several of us spend our practice times"going black" at home or the studio to practice our "Liquidy skills".

We have all gotten smoother and more confident as a result of these classes.

We love you Liquid Motion!

Love, the Spinning Angels
Prince George, BC Canada

Well we had an AMAZING time with Jeni Janover at Liquid Motion this weekend! She taught 2 Liquid 1 workshops, 1 Liquid Two workshop, and the all new 5 For Floor! We LOVED all of them and can't wait to do them again!! I highly recommend these workshops to anybody who hasn't done them yet!

I had the opportunity to take all three of the Liquid Motion workshops recently. They were absolutely amazing and completely changed how I approach floorwork. And the best part was, even though I'm not particularly flexible, I could use everything Jeni taught us! Yay!

As promised, I am blogging today about my recent adventure taking a Liquid Motion® class with the amazing Jeni Janover. For those new to my blog, note that I am NOT a pole dancer, I am an overweight woman looking to change her lifestyle for this year. This will be important information as we move forward with this blog!

When I signed up for this class, which is all about moving and being sexy, I continually thought of the LMFAO song “I’m sexy and I know it”! I do work out in fact. I was looking forward to it, thinking it was going to be a simple push your tits and ass out kind of class. Then an email came out listing the items we needed to bring as follows:

Leg warmers or knee pads
Booty shorts with yoga pants or leggings over them
Possible warm top over a sports bra
Tank top that can come off
Socks, knee highs or thigh highs
A bed sheet
Lots of water, one bottle a must
An open mind, heart and soul

Alright, I now had no thought as to what this was going to entail. Knee pads and a bed sheet? Sounds like my honeymoon! I do have an open mind, heart and soul, so off I went. WAIT!! Nope, first I have to shave, then off I go! The shaving was a workout in itself!!

When I arrived I did notice that pretty much everyone else was skinny in the class. I went with it, but wondered if I was out of my league, these girls were gorgeous, how could I sit there and try to be sexy along side them?? Then I met Jeni Janover, a woman so beautiful I almost changed tracks right then and there! Her abs are carved out of stone I tell you! I was very nervous and kept comparing myself to these women, lowering my self-esteem while getting in my sports bra and yoga pants. Oh dear, what have I done!!! On the class went and wow, Jeni is the nicest woman I have ever met. Her class is not just about finging your own movement and sensuality, but also to stop comparing yourself to other women and appreciate all women in all forms as they are. So busted was I!!

First there was some warm up exercises, and I noticed that I could not do all the movements; I meant literally my body could not move as far as it should, the boobs, butt, and tummy are in the way! So I adapted everything to my own abilities.

Jeni had us all close our eyes and go to our “black” place, the place where it is just us thinking about what we are doing without any external thoughts or influences. With the sexy music, dark room and sexy hip rotations, it was actually pretty easy to do. There were times I felt like Jennifer Beals from Flashdance, arching my back sexily up whilst water poured on me. Well the water was my own sweat, this woman knows how to get a good workout from us!

After our workout which included ouchy abdominal work, we moved to floor exercises. Having already learned to move our hips forward and back (actually not as easy as it sounds), we were then to put our knee pads on and start “buttercupping”. This is a move where, best described you are on the floor flat, put your ass in the air all sensual like and flip your hair on the floor. This description is not doing it justice at all, let me tell you, it is sexy! Anyway, Jeni told us to move our body like butter, to have all the parts move together slowly, not to just jauntily and jerkily move. We move smooth in time to our breaths.

I started doing the buttercup and realized that there was no way on earth my body was getting up the way the others were. My muscles said “nope, sorry, this is not working for me, perhaps lose some weight and we will see again”. So I adapted and sort of used my plank techniques (thank you Jayleen Epps!!) and pushed myself back, wriggling my booty up in my own way, smooth like butter. I kept doing this thinking (too bad I can’t do it right) but then I went black, and got into it, got into the music and just felt me move. I FELT sexy! Then next think I knew Jeni was next to me trying to copy the move I just did, and was going to use it in future workshops. She asked me to name it, and I thought “humping the floor” sounded alright, but we all decided on “The Hayward”. My husband later asked to see The Hayward, and I told him “you’ve been seeing it for 14 years baby!!”.

We then moved to wall exercises, and the same thing occurred; everyone went black and we all just sat there sexily moving down the wall, body waving, butts up and out, all to the rhythmn of our own bodies. No one was sitting there comparing themselves to each other, we all just found our own world and went there. Lord if men were watching let me tell you we could have made some good money!!

Then she brought out the bed sheets. I wondered if this was going to be like rhythmic gymnastics or something like that, but no, it was just another way to go black and wriggle sexily around under or over the sheet to feel the sensations. It was hot.

The point of this whole workshop was to find you inner sensuality and to move as woman are intended to. Sexy is in ourselves and how we feel and move, not in what others see. We as women should learn to appreciate each other more instead of judging each other in the catty fashion women do. It was the most freeing experience I have ever gone through, and my confidence is at an all time high. I still want to lose my weight for my own reasons including health, but man, I will never say to myself “I am ugly, I am a loser, I am nothing” because I have more confidence to walk down the street and be comfortable in my own skin, not just comfortable, but celebrate who I am and how the Creator made me: a Sexy Bitch!

One day later and something else occurred; I am SORE! This was an actual workout, muscles I didn’t know I had are crying out in pain. This is the kind of working out I could get used to! I am still too large to take actual pole dancing, but when I reach an acceptable weight limit where I can train on the pole, I think this is something I want to pursue, because feeling sexy for ME is what it’s all about.