Selections from our certifications around the world!

Jeni and the Liquid Motion team in action at Pole Expo 2015! Pictures with fans and other Liquid Motion instructors, in workshops, with other pole stars and general craziness!

Jeni and Brandon perform at Presents: SexyBack Showcase 2015 in honor of the 2015 Bringing Sexy Back celebration! Photos by Brian Jackson!

Jeni Janover, Danielle Mayzes and Accro Brandon took a trip to Chicago for this year's UPA's SexyBack Showcase and North American Pole Dance Championships and Convention 2015! These pictures are from the shenanigans they got themselves into over that long weekend!

Liquid Motion Instructor, Shay Jones, performs at Black Girls Pole!

The whole Liquid crew was at International Pole Convention 2015! Check out these candid photos of the weekend!

Jeni and Accro Brandon perform a duet, meet up with other competition judges and fans, teach workshops and privates!

Jeni and Accro Brandon performed one of their duet routines at Body&Pole's AERA Fundraiser. All photos taken by David Haws

Jeni and Accro Brandon took the Midwest by storm with workshops at Flirt Fitness, Stilettos and Steel Fitness and Studio Phoenix. We also had our second Liquid Motion Instructor Training at Empowerment Through Exotic Dance!

Jeni Janover performed at the VerticaLove Pole Dance & Artistry Showcase March 2015 and taught some workshops!

Jeni Janover and Heidi Coker danced in the candlelight for Oliver Pavick\'s candlelight project!

Jeni Janover and Kyra Johannessen took a trip to Utah to visit Kara, a Cystic Fibrosis sufferer, who has taken up pole to help her to stay strong! While their, Jeni and Kyra taught workshops at Salt Mine owned by Mel Heins!

Jeni Janover and Accro Brandon performed their sensual duet where moves from their newest workshop, Liquid 2 Doubles, were creatively put into play. This performance took place in Fort Lauderdale, Florida at Starsmith Amy\'s Pole Dance Contest in the CYN Nightclub.

Workshops at the 2014 Great Midwest Pole Dance Convention in St. Charles, Illinois!

Performances by Stephanie Skyy (Solo) and Jeni Janover and Danielle Mayzes (Duet). All photos in this album courtesy of Brian Jackson.

Workshops and mayhem taking place at International Pole Convention 2013 in West Palm Beach, Florida!

Jeni Janover\'s performance at Schtick A Pole In It, a NYC comedy and pole show.

Workshops at Aspire Pilates Training Center & Spa in November 2012.

Liquid Motion\'s performance at International Pole Convention June 2012. Featuring Jeni Janover, Stephanie Skyy, Danielle Mayzes, Danielle Romano and Shauna Couri.

Jeni Janover performs at the Performing Arts Showcase in Sterling Virginia at Mahalo Cove.

Photo shoot with well known pole photographer, Don Curry, at Body and Pole in NYC!

Workshops with Stephanie Skyy and Jeni Janover at The Girl Spot in Trumball, Connecticut.

Liquid Motion workshops in different places!