Accro Brandon was introduced to the pole and aerial world in 2008. After a few years of gingerly playing around on various apparatuses, self teaching and conditioning, a pole studio became available for men. Seeing his opportunity to truly grow and explore his style of self-expression through pole, he jumped head first into competitive training with an agenda to travel, explore new locations and share his craft. In 2014 after a few years of practicing acro yoga he was accepted and certified by Acro Yoga Montreal as a teacher. After a few years of competitive pole dancing, traveling around teaching acro yoga and absorbing various style of dance and movement he started to notice the name Liquid Motion growing with in our community. After a chance meeting at Pole Expo and some one-on-one discussions about movement theory he felt there was something bigger to learn and teach. He found new potential to grow not only as a solo performer but as a doubles partner combining his background in acro with the methodology of Liquid Motion. “This combination is now reshaping the way I think, work and flow. Having an outlet to explore partner doubles ala pole and acro is opening endless possibilities and opportunities for artistic movement expression that was otherwise hard to obtain.” The more he grows, learns and teaches the more he enjoys sharing that knowledge with other people and seeing the same happen in them; finding that special glimmer of excitement when things start clicking and the sense of accomplishment that comes with it.

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