I discovered pole dancing in 2013, fell in love with it, and never looked back. One of my first pole classes was taught by Jeni Janover, and I will never forget the shock and freedom I felt when she yelled at us to "touch your bodies!" I found that pole classes were a place where I could safely explore dance and movement in a fun, encouraging group of people. I started teaching and competing in 2014. Teaching dance to women of all ages, backgrounds, and fitness levels brings me incredible joy. Seeing my students change from "I can't..." to "Oh hell yes I can!" is truly a highlight of my life! Since I began poling, I've been taking Liquid Motion workshops and classes, so becoming joining the family of licensed Liquid Motion instructors is an honor and a dream. As a mother of five kids ages 12-21, I love my time in the studio whether I'm learning, teaching, or dancing and playing with my friends. I look forward to sharing the Liquid Motion fun with you!

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