Arlene Caffrey is one of Ireland’s best known and loved pole dance artists. She became addicted to pole dance when it was first introduced to Ireland as a fitness concept and has since progressed, to travel all over the world to perform, compete, teach and develop her artistry. She hopes to bring a theatrical and expressive edge to pole dance and to create something beautiful, unique, expressive, free and daring, to rise above the ordinary and defy convention.

Arlene began in 2006 by taking part in pole fitness classes with her mum, when they first arrived to the town of Drogheda. Having had no previous experience in dance, gymnastics or general fitness, Arlene fell in love with pole dance from the first lesson.

After a year of dancing, she became the first Miss Pole Dance Ireland in 2007. She has since gone on to conquer and win many titles, some of which include Miss Burlesque Ireland 2016, All Ireland Pole Dance Champion 2014 and Pole Theatre Ireland Classique Winner 2014. She also represented Ireland for the first time at the World Pole Dance Championships in 2010 and was the first Miss Pole Dance Ireland in 2007. She was also a contestant on the ‘All Ireland Talent Show 2011′ where she performed gravity defying stunts in front of thousands of people on live Irish tv.

As Arlene has progressed, she has dedicated extensive time in exploring and developing her own style of pole dance and travelled far and wide to learn from the world’s best pole dance artists. She also enjoys collaborating with musicians, aerialists, Burlesque and other dance artists. What Arlene now loves most about pole dance is it's scope for creativity; she most enjoys bringing together Classique / Showgirl style pole dance with her Burlesque and theatrical influences. Arlene's most favourite performance to date has been performing as part of Alethea Austin's 'Live Dancing Girls' show in Nashville.

Arlene established the Irish Pole Dance Academy in 2011 where she now teaches regular classes in Dublin city centre with her team of instructors, as well as her signature workshops abroad. She also continues to perform regularly, compete in international pole dance competitions as well as judging Irish and European competitions.

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