Christina Villegas owns Flying Curves Dance Studio in Northridge, CA.  She is a pole and burlesque dance teacher, women's empowerment coach, choreographer, and performer. She has also spent over a decade working as a reality tv producer and the last 9 years teaching the art of pole dancing.
The classes at Flying Curves Dance Studio are catered to women and women's empowerment. I strive to create a very nurturing sister-hood type of environment that is safe, fun and confidence building. During class, I guide women of all ages to connect with their inner goddess and warrior.  I also  help them to feel comfortable in their skin so that she can freely express herself through movement.  These classes are unique in that you don't just come in to learn pole discover a very different side of yourself that you didn't know existed.  I am so excited to incorporate Liquid Motion into the schedule as it has been a goal of mine for quite some time!  Here you are strong and invincible. I work with you at your pace and level to help you reach your goals.  There are no mirrors in the studio as I feel it is important for each student to focus within and not be distracted.  If you FEEL sexy.  You ARE sexy. No mirror gets to dictate how you feel about yourself 😉 

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