Once I experienced the power of Liquid Motion for myself I couldn't wait to share it with others. Every woman deserves to feel empowered and truly confident in their own bodies and minds. Growing up dance was an aspect of every sport I participated in and it was always my favorite part! I am a mother to four busy, intelligent little beings so in my adult life dance was sorely missed. Pole and now Liquid Motion brought the time and space for dance back and with more self expression than I could have ever anticipated.

When not at the studio or watching endless pole videos I love spending time with my family! Movie nights with my husband (who I thank endlessly for his support, super-dad I tell ya), watching my kiddos excel in their own sports, and any/all of our crazy adventures. For many years I supported women into motherhood being a doula and birth assistant. Pole and Liquid Motion now allows me to support women in a whole different avenue. Pole and Liquid will hold a permanent space in my life with endless progress to be made both personally and while spreading it to the masses!

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