I began my dance journey by accident. I was at the wrong audition at WDW in 1986. I was at a Dancers Audition for the Electric Light Parade. I was a mess. Think Lucy during one of Ricky's shows. But they pulled me aside and asked me to come back the next day for the Character audition. The benefits of being 4'11'.

After years of sweating and dancing in parades I moved on. I was now caring for very young Deaf children, who had NO verbal skills up to that point so using any kind of body language & imagination was essential for us to connect. Of course I wasn't aware of it at the time but I was actually using some of the Liquid Motion fundamentals to connect with these kids. Using your senses, moving
with intention is most definitely a form of communicating.

In 1994 I was married to the most wonderful man. Our daughter is Autistic so we decided that it would be best for me to homeschool her.

Fast forward 20 years to the age of 49, with my daughter in college, I felt like it was time to find ME again. I took my first pole class.

It was not love at first spin. I remember leaving halfway through crying those kind of tears where you gasp for breath. But something inside me said "You CAN do this", so I buried my pride and tried again. I was scared to death, but I tried and tried and finally; I GOT IT!

About a year into my pole journey, practicing for my first public performance, the symptoms of my spinal condition began to show, and that changed everything. Within six months I was in Duke having emergency Neurosurgery on my cervical (neck) spinal cord. Prognosis: not awesome but day to day.

A year and a half later and of course some things had to change. Everything actually, and I just have to go with it; there is no fighting some things.

So I found a new and beautiful path. Liquid Motion. This style of movement allows me to feel sensual and move within a range of motion that feels comfortable for me. Liquid Motion has helped me to rediscover all of the beautiful things I loved about myself before life became so overwhelming. It lets me explore, create, feel, connect, breathe, slow down, learn, grow and accomplish new things that I never thought possible.

I love my age. I love how I feel. And I love all of the new possibilities and friends that this journey has brought to me and I would
LOVE to help everyone feel like this.

Health. Happiness. Hope.


Connect with me!