Julanne’s dance journey began with Irish Dancing between the ages of 3 - 25 and since starting Pole in 2008, her broader dance journey has been characterised by an unquenchable desire to learn and grow: evolution is her Pole lifeblood.
Initially training once a week and joining workshops whenever (and wherever) she could, Julanne’s Pole evolution took a huge leap when she moved to NYC in 2013, training full-time at Body & Pole for 14 months in all of the available disciplines, from tricks to floor work to aerial cross training and freestyle movement.
In particular, Jeni’s teaching and Liquid Motion®️ system proved to be a physical revelation for Julanne - unblocking years of habitual stiffness coached into her body and movement by Irish Dancing. Returning to London in 2015, Julanne began teaching as a licensed instructor for both Jeni’s Liquid Motion®️ alongside her own proprietary class concepts of “Transitions For Pole”, “Climbs & Inverts Clinic” & “Exotic Flow”. Julanne is also a qualified “ElevatED” Aerial Instructor and international Pole judge.

Julanne’s evolution continues - combining her Art Degree with floorwork, she now regularly combines her movement and various graphic media to create huge movement-derived works of art.

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