Looking back, it isn’t that surprising.

From enjoying song and dance from a young age, not fitting the profile for a ballet dancer, and joining both a Hungarian Folk Dance company and a Scottish bagpipe band before the age of 15, Kate has always had a taste for making an audience cheer, laugh, and “ewww…”.

A classic Meyers-Briggs ENTP, Kate has dabbled in many interesting hobbies and art forms, including becoming a pirate at a renaissance fair, developing a teenage drag king persona, coaching a collegiate synchronized swimming team, and memorizing popular music video choreography down to the last hip thrust.

In 2013, after a large life event and enduring a personal trauma, Kate dove deep into the world of pole dance, burlesque, aerial hammock, and various other circus art to find themselves* again. This hobby has turned into a calling and Kate E. Gaga decided in early 2015 to start making the transition from weekend circus performer to full-blown explorer of the worlds of performance, social justice, and queerness and the many ways they interact with one another.

As a teacher, Kate finds fulfillment is seeing each student find joy, empowerment, and safety in moving their body. Kate coaches a performance team and focuses on beginner and intermediate students in pole dance, floorwork, lyra, and aerial hammock. Kate also is a pole competitors with multiple regional titles and prepares students for the competition experience.
Outside of dance, Kate works full-time in higher education and will soon further their own education with the study of law. They have the best partner ever named Brittney and watch lots of Netflix documentaries together.

Studio Website:  http://ophidiastudio.com/

*Kate E. Gaga identifies as genderqueer/gender non-conforming and uses the singular pronouns they / them / their.

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