A North Carolina native, Kathy didn’t start dancing until she was in her early 40’s. After being skinny her entire life, she found herself about 60 lbs. overweight after reaching the age of 40. She began her fitness journey becoming a cardio fitness instructor and it was during that process it was recommended that she work on her flexibility. This led to an internet search, bringing her to a pole dance studio In Asheville, NC, and started her love of Liquid Motion. She began taking classes regularly in April 2016 and with each class, she knew this could be something she could do long term to maintain her overall health and became a certified instructor in January 2019. Since taking her first class and then coming full circle to getting certified, Kathy had found doing Liquid Motion extremely empowering and inspiring. Liquid Motion has allowed Kathy to step outside her comfort zone in a way she had never thought about before and tap more into her creative side. She is in better physical condition and more flexible than she’s ever been. Kathy loves that she’s been able to add some sensuality and variety to her exercise routine and is thankful to be able to share that with others. She believes that fitness can come in many different forms and regardless of your fitness level, age, or dance experience, Liquid Motion can be an integral part of any fitness routine. Outside of Liquid Motion, Kathy teaches cardio kickboxing, swims, hikes, and runs the occasional half marathon. Come GET LIQUID with me!!

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