In 2007, Krystal took her first pole dancing class and it was love at first spin. She spent two years of this love affair, exploring movement and uncovering the mysteries of her own self. Because of this, Krystal decided delve further into the pole dance community by becoming a certified feminine movement instructor.

Krystal spends her days as a full time respiratory therapist, helping others. She translates her love of connecting with and helping others to her movement classes. Through teaching, Krystal has found her passion, inspiring others to find their own confidence. Being a healthcare provided as well as a dancer, her understanding of the need to engage in physical movement and self-expression is limitless.

Looking through a lens of a women in her 40s, Krystal embraces a life filled with physical activity, fluid movement, and traveling the world with the love of her life. She hopes to continue to inspire and lead others towards a happier and healthier lifestyle, one in which the soul and the body are both fed equally.

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