My name is Lauren Schiavo and I have 30+ years of cancer experience, 12+ years pole dancing experience and 12+ years teaching experience. I am the owner of Flaunt Fitness studio in South Philadelphia and I am trained in many aspects of dance and fitness. I am also a certified health coach and personal trainer. I am so very excited to bring Liquid Motion to my studio. Its an amazingly fun class that focuses on things that normal pole dancers typically do not get to focus on- THE FLOOR! This class will leave you super knowledgable about your body and help you understand where movements start and end from your body. So come in and join me for this super sexy and sultry floor based/ low flow class!

I believe that knowing your body can truly help you find the style of dance that is right for you. Feeling your movements and slowing things down can really help you understand every single muscle and activation that is used when we are dancing or moving!


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