Sheila Kelly's book "The S-Factor" is what started it all. Lori bought it and explored the book from cover to cover, and fell in love with the way the moves made her feel in her skin. Shortly after, in 2008 she started her pole dance journey with her home studio Polelateaz. then in 2010 she became a pole dance instructor and has been revealing the world of sensual movement and pole to countless women ever since. Known at the studio for her technical breakdowns, killer conditioning, and compelling performance characters, Lori strives to provide quality of movement and a safe environment for her students allowing them to explore and codify their individual styles. She loves Liquid Motion because of the techniques that are taught to "unlock" the natural movement of the body, and the emphasis on exploration within a specific sequence. When she is not at the studio you can find her volunteering at Zoo Atlanta, or the Georgia Aquarium, frolicking at a Renaissance Festival, hiking with her husband, or nerding out over the latest Star Wars Movie.


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