Mariana first heard about Pole Dancing through a Brazilian soup opera. One of the main characters was a Pole dancer, and the bad ass tricks she performed on screen made Mariana wish she could do the same. Life got in the way and the desire to learn Pole became a dream stored in her heart.

When she finally got a chance to jump in a class, it was love at first touch. She knew right away that the Pole would become a partner for life. Without any prior athletic or exercise experience the challenge that the pole represented was the reason she kept coming back. There was always a new move to master. But, besides the physical challenge, Mariana also found peace of mind, and was able to regain her self confidence. Pole Dancing class was the place that she could love herself without restrictions, and without worry about what other people were thinking. It was her moment!​

After multiple competitions and endless amounts of training, Mariana felt confident to open her own studio where she can teach the works of this art and follow her burning passion of pole dancing to new creative heights.

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