Thinking back of my childhood and youth in the Netherlands, I remember how I have always loved moving around, exploring movement, trying out different styles of dance, and creating choreographies to perform with my sister and friends. As I grew older, I invested more time in dance classes and started teaching kids and teenagers at a local studio. When I moved to Paris, in 2011, life caught up with me and I stopped dancing for a while.. the passion stayed alive on the inside but I wasn’t sure which direction to go.

In 2015 I started pole dancing in Paris and I immediately got hooked to the feelings it brought out of me. Not only was I able to push my body and mind each time I tried, I also grew tremendous body awareness, confidence, strength and became a part of an incredible new world of supportive, inspiring and powerful people. With a background in teaching, the step to become a licensed pole instructor seemed like a logical one and I’ve been loving teaching since. I love sharing my passion and being of assistance in people’s journey of pole, self discovery and growth.

After a few years of pole and exotic, and still being absolutely in love with both, I felt the need to add an aspect that dives deeper into my soul. A way to express, feel free, and communicate how important it is to me, to be in tune with my mind and body. So I decided to fly out to New York to do the Liquid Motion training. This Liquid Motion journey has taught me so much and I am so proud and excited to be a licensed instructor. For me, Liquid Motion is about ways to connect with and between body, soul and mind, getting lost in movement and music, confidence, freedom, exploring and acceptance. I would be thrilled to have you experience all this on my Liquid Motion classes! Get in touch❤️

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