Nicki has multiple years experience as a dancer, instructor, and choreographer. During a break from dance while starting a family, Nicki began taking pole dancing classes in 2009. She was immediately reminded that expression through movement is a necessity in her life that cannot be overlooked. Since being introduced to pole, Nicki has been an active instructor, choreographer, performer, and mentor, getting reacquainted with her passion for dance and performance.

She has let her desire for new experiences fuel her teaching experience. She has brought many new and exciting learning opportunities to her students by seeking out the content she craves most, making her sought after by students and well-trusted by peers. This drive led Nicki to Liquid Motion where the style and methodology blended perfectly with her movement. Nicki's style is known for being a combination of grace, wild sensuality, with a touch of darkness.Combining this with Liquid Motion has opened so many new doors of expression for her.

Nicki is on a constant mission for growth, learning, and new inspiration. She competes with herself to constantly bring more, stay excited, and push herself outside of her comfort zone. She is passionate about helping students let go of the shackles of inhibition, discover their own style, appreciate the beauty and power in the details of movement, and find freedom in dance.

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