Patricia is a Certified Pole Dance Instructor, Twerk Technician and Licensed Liquid Motion® Dancer based in the South West of England.

Her journey started when she fell in love with pole dancing back in February 2014, and she's been obsessed with the sensual style of the art ever since.

She started competing in 2017 and has placed in every competition she's entered, including Kent Pole Championships, Heir to the Chrome and Dance Filthy UK as well as winning 'Sexiest' Award at Bristol Pole Championships.

After her first year of competing Patricia became a certified instructor and began to teach regular dance classes.

She believes that empowering and teaching self love is a very important part of the process and her passion is to help her students embrace their own beauty through movement.

Dancing is a major part of Patricia's life and she finds that freestyle is a wonderful way to explore the body-mind connection.

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