I am an Engineer by day and Pole enthusiast by night. I took my first pole lesson in 2010 but it was in 2012 when I truly started to build a passion for it. Learning what my body is capable of and knowing that it can do so much more inspires me to continue to grow and push further. In 2017 I decided I wanted to share my passion with others and became a Xpert Certified Instructor, teaching at my home studio. Always having a love for dance, I knew as an instructor I wanted to focus more on movement and floor work. While receiving my certification, I had the opportunity to experience Liquid Motion® for the first time as a teaser and knew this was something. Learning how to break away from the need to have choreography guide my movement and just move because it feels good has been the best part of LM journey so far. I hope to continue to learn and grow and help others become in tune with their own bodies as well.


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