Shay Jones lives for adventure. Born and raised in Houston, TX, this dog-lover lives to dance and enjoy life. With the skills in project management, she also thrives on developing dreams to realities. By day, she creates operational designs for a food manufacturing company. Back in March of 2013, she first came to know of Liquid Motion. She hosted a workshop in Houston, TX and was in complete awe of Jeni Janover. The freedom of being one with your body and letting it command your movement to make everything flow seamlessly was jaw dropping. Coming from a background of choreographed dancing, that sense of free-styling was foreign to Shay. But Jeni had her sold from the very first bridge grind. From then on she was down to explore the boundless movement possibilities. One thing she has learned exploring the techniques of Liquid Motion is being able to connect with your body in a way that lends itself to flow through musicality and create a sensuous experience to the point where you go dark. It's a power she was not keen to until she meet Jeni. When you can't find her rocking to the beat, she is off seeing the world and all it's beauty, connecting with friends and family, busting it out at the gym, or in hermit mode curled up with a good book.

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