Sheila took her first glimpse at pole dance in 2010 and ever since stuck to it. Coming from a classical ballett education she now enjoys the various options pole dancing provides her with, from gaining strength, to conditioning and cardio training, to increasing flexibility as well as dancing different styles while using different movement patterns.

She focusses on what her students can do, rather then what they can not and aims to provide a solid, good and confident feeling thru her classes. She believes that every body is beautiful and should be cherrished, no matter the shape, color or ability.

Next to her Liquid Motion Certification she's an accredited Xpert Pole & Aerial Fitness instructor (Levels 1-4) and winner of PSO Europe 2017, Exotic, Level 3. Additional to her job as an instructor she works in the field of communications, loves to travel and is a proud mum of three kids. Based in Switzerland, very willing to travel for teaching & speaking German, English, Greek, Italian and French.
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