Pole dance was my 'gateway drug' into the world of movement. I discovered pole dancing purely by chance after wandering into a Montreal strip club during my spring break in college. Seeing those beautiful women levitate with ease and hold the audience in the palm of their hand was utterly inspiring.

Seeking that same confidence and strength I purchased my own pole pole. I began learning pole dance though YouTube videos and pole fitness DVDs. I was exhilarated every time I practiced, especially when I strapped on my heels. I felt this different part of me come alive. I never knew dance and movement could make such drastic changes in the way I felt.

What started off as something I did to escape stress, transformed into my biggest passion. Without a background in dance or gymnastics, learning to pole dance was the chance for me to become the dancer I had always secretly dreamed of being.

My passion for fitness and learning brought me to Crunch Gyms in 2009, where I met Kyra Johannesen. Through her, I discovered Body & Pole, where witnessing a professional level of athleticism and dance inspired me to reach new heights, train daily and bring my love of pole to others.

In 2011, I began teaching on Long Island, and to further my growth, in 2013 I entered into the Body & Pole work-study program. I’m currently a pole instructor at Body & Pole in Manhattan, where I especially love teaching beginner students, helping them find the same inspiration that I did.

Also a passionate performer, you can regularly see me in and around New York City with Schtick a Pole In It, AERA Dance Company and other productions.

In 2016 I discovered Liquid Motion and became obsessed. I took class weekly with Jeni and felt my body awareness and sensuality develop. After six months of immersing myself in Liquid Motion, I took the training. I passed my mock at Body & Pole and now teach Liquid Motion classes regularly. It has been the most fulfilling thing to see other women transform their movement in the matter of 75 minutes.

Jeni saved my life with her energy, knowledge of movement and belief in me. I am so grateful to work with her every chance I get. So excited to see where Liquid Motion will take my movement and teaching career.

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