Growing up in France, dancing, has been a part of Sue’s life since she was a child. Always running and playing created a love of movement and activity, so dancing felt like the natural thing to do in high school. Sue started pole dance in 2014 in France and have been pole dancing in Dubai London New York and now Cary. Becoming a sexy woman was the catalyst for her to start pole dancing, something she fell in love with instantly and committed to throughout every country she traveled since. It was that love that led her to start liquid motion, and it’s that same love that continues to allow her to train as much as she can with the hopes of one day, mastering the movements of liquid motion. Liquid Motion has allowed Sue to increase her flexibility, her fluidity and also to become stronger, sexier but above all, it has helped her to feel confidently beautiful. She now wants to help other women to feel that way. To her Liquid motion is the best way to make a woman confident, driven, independent and knowing that she is comfortable in her own skin. Sue is so EXCITED to be joining the Liquid Motion family.

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