I started to dance when I was 7 year old and already I was sure that dance was my life. It was in a club inside of the school that offered dance and sports classes to the students. So for more 7 years consecutively I did classes pf Jazz, Ballet, contemporaneous, hip hip-hop, belly dance and more, nothing professional. In 2014 I was introduced to the ballroom dance and I felt in love. Since my firts class my body accepted those moviments perfectly. Four years later I got my Professional certification as Dancer in São Paulo, Brazil. This certification is called by DRT. Right after that I was selected to be part of the time of dancers to work at Costa Cruises Company. Ot is a Italian company that allowed me to know many countries doing what is my love. To dance! When we were out of the season I used to work teaching ballroom at my own school in the city Botucatu, São Paulo state, Brazil. In the middle of it I knew the Pole dance. At first I was a bad student, it was so hard for me, but I didn't stop. I got better. In thr year 2013 I also got my certification on the studio Kinesfera with the teacher Cissa Raphael in the same city I had my studio. But my life changed completely in 2016. I moved to Texas, and knew Twistedbodies. Here I found the place of my dreams. Here I am learning a lot. I am doing pole dance, skills, hoop, pilates and I am part of the Hypella dance company. Just to make it more perfect I got my Liquid Motion certification. I am completely in love with this program and so excited to start my classes.

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