X2C is a graceful professional pole fitness and Liquid Motion instructor who possesses a great feeling for music, and enjoys being able to express herself creatively through movement.  She took her first class in 2008 with FiyaStarta Aka Torwa Joe and has been hooked ever since! She immediately enrolled in the series program, graduated the sensual and acrobatic track, then wondered where her pole career would go.  Little did she know that FiyaStarta had plans for her.  X2C attended her first PoleCon in Palm Beach with Vertical Joes and ended up assisting with instruction because of the overwhelming response to the first ever Booty Clap class.  Upon arrival back to Atlanta, FiyaStarta asked when she was going to start teaching.  X2C enrolled in the next certification class, and has been teaching ever since.  She is over series and 1:1 instruction at Vertical Joe's, and currently has two of the hottest classes there.  X2C is part of the Vertical Joe's performance team and teaches workshops at pole conventions.

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