I recently completed the Liquid Motion 2.0 certification at the gorgeous Studio Phoenix in Arlington Heights, Illinois.  At the end of the certification program, Jeni left us with a question: Why do you dance?  On my flight home, I gave some thought to her question.  I think for me, I dance because I find it to be very challenging.  Obviously it's difficult physically, but what are most difficult for me are the creativity, emotion and personal expression that are required.  That stuff is hard for me.  I'm good at following rules but it's hard for me to include that personal element.

That's part of why I love Liquid Motion so much.  It’s a methodology.  I don't just learn moves; I learn tools.  The tools are taught as fundamentals and principles, which are technical in nature but applicable to any movement.  That's huge for me.  I am able to apply the tools in a playful way, allowing me to express myself while colouring within lines.

If you are considering taking the next step in your movement journey, I highly recommend the Liquid Motion. You will work hard but you will learn so much and you will have a blast!  Jeni and her crew are such skilled and knowledgeable instructors you will not be disappointed.