Back home and I finally got a few minutes to realize how much has happened during these last two weeks – needless to say I’m completely overwhelmed! I’m still not sure of 55 h of training within less than two weeks have been my best or worst idea ever and I’m really sorry I couldn’t give 100 percent in many classes I took. However, I still learned tons of things and loved to be a student again <3 And I’m still more than impressed of what my body is actually capable of without any major injuries happening! ... Jeni Janover, Emily Sanderson and Stella Fink – I can’t say how much I loved Liquid Motion. I always loved floorwork, but you’ve taken it to the next level! And Jeni, my body awareness improved so much within this short time. I’m deeply grateful for our private, I wish I could work with you more often. You already changed the way I move <3 And last but not least – I couldn’t believe so but there’s actually more to see in New York than Body and Pole. Thank you for an amazing time relaxing and doing all the things normal tourists do and don’t do to my favorite human Martin :*