I heard about Liquid Motion when they were just starting out. I first found Jeni through StudioVeena where she told me about her program and that she would be bringing it to Brass Vixens in Toronto. I was the woman with no dance experience who jumped into pole and originally cared only about getting the next trick. I was just changing my tune when Jeni and I started chatting, so I quickly booked myself in to Liquid Motion 1 and Liquid Motion 2. I was performing in my first showcase the same weekend as the workshops and I was terribly nervous. The workshops had a profound effect on me, as did Jeni herself. She is an amazing instructor who taught me all about myself in that 3 hour period. My pole journey turned a complete 180 degrees that weekend. I also knew that I had to share her and her program with the many women I was teaching at Capital MissFits, so within 3 months, I had her booked into our studio and she made the trek once again to Canada. We had 2 days booked with her workshops. She taught both LM1 and LM2 each day, and I again took all workshops...I soaked up everything she taught us, and I was still wanting more. Since that time, Jeni and I have become good friends, and she is my mentor in my journey to find "me" in pole...I take every opportunity I can to learn from her. And again, just this past month, I brought her back to Canada to share her with my students. She never disappoints. I took all 3 workshops this time, my first time seeing the 54Floor, and again I soaked up eveything I could. Jeni is a tireless instructor with such a passion for what she does, it comes through in everything she teaches. She always goes above and beyond to put people at ease, even while pulling many way out of their comfort zones. And she is a gracious guest and a wonderful friend. I can't wait till next time!