Our studio recently hosted three Liquid Motion Workshops with Jeni Janover, and everything about it was amazing. The workshops were very well organized and covered a good amount of material without being overwhelming. Jeni is very approachable and down to earth, she’s extremely passionate about her trade and clearly enjoys and loves to share her knowledge and expertise with others. She made sure each student received some form of feedback and left feeling a sense of accomplishment. I’m looking forward to practicing what I learned and applying the LIQUID MOTION modality to my form of dance and movement. Thank you Jeni for sharing your time, heart and passion with us.

We have hosted Liquid Motion twice in our three years of being open as a studio and we can't wait to host them again in 2016! The staff is simply incredible!!! Everyone had fun and learned soooooo much new material. Jeni has an empowering way of teaching and explaining that makes you feel comfortable enough to ask questions and step outside your comfort zone. The doubles workshop was untouchable to anything our studio as ever experienced - it was simply amazing!

Thank you Liquid Motion!!!

I can't Thank You enough for sending Danielle Mayzes our way here in San Antonio, Texas. Danielle is an amazing instructor and an exquisite performer plus sooooooo much fun!

SSM students loved your program and recognized the importance of such a program and why it is needed in the Pole fitness industry with it becoming more and more technique driven.

What I loved about the program is that it brings back and allows our inner goddess, female beauty and sensuality to come out in a very natural, beautiful way through movement and dance.

Thank You so much for creating your wonderful program, Liquid Motion.



I am the owner of Diva Den Studio in Portland Oregon. Danielle Mayzes with Liquid Motion came out a few weeks ago and did some workshops with us. We had a blast! She was so good at breaking it all down and giving different ways of doing things.

I have been teaching a long time but she showed me new things and was so fun. I really enjoyed her and the program. The rest of the girls loved it as well and their only complaint was that it wasn't longer. 🙂

Thank you for visiting us! Hope to see you all again!


Spinning Angels Pole Fitness asked Liquid Motion to come and do workshops with us in Jan 2013, and we still say it is the best workshop we have ever done! We liked the workshops and instructors (Jeni Janover and Danielle Mayzes McCarthy) so much we asked them to come back in October!

In October we got to do the newest workshop "5 For Floor" and LOVED it just as much as Liquid 1 & 2. Several of us spend our practice times"going black" at home or the studio to practice our "Liquidy skills".

We have all gotten smoother and more confident as a result of these classes.

We love you Liquid Motion!

Love, the Spinning Angels
Prince George, BC Canada