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In September of 2014, Liquid Motion® launched its first ever 75-minute movement conditioning class at one of the biggest aerial arts studios in North America. Shortly thereafter, the class was sold out weeks in advance, and now successfully runs four times a week. The Liquid Motion® Class is unique from the Signature Workshops, as it is designed to run as a weekly class. This gives you, the licensee, endless programing possibilities. The Liquid Motion® Class is an open level class that utilizes elements of fitness conditioning, sensual movement, and dance theory, to provide the student with a total mind and body movement experience. In this 75-minute class, students will learn the Liquid Motion® Fundamentals to build a foundation for floor work & wall work. The class includes body conditioning, lateral movement drills, intricate floor flows, exploration of sensual movement, and an understanding of total body awareness. Or as we refer to it, Liquid Motion®!

Our Workshops

(Formerly Liquid Motion® One) is an hour and 45 minute open level workshop that utilizes sensual movement, basic dance theory and self-exploration to create total body awareness. In this workshop, you will learn 5 signature Liquid Motion flows utilizing the floor and wall. You will explore the 5 key techniques of Liquid Motion and the fundamentals of our methodology to help you build a foundation for seamless movement from the ground up. Since we will only be using the floor and wall in this class, please bring knee pads, leg warmers, long pants and a long sleeve shirt for a better movement experience.
*There is no prerequisite for this workshop

(Formerly Liquid Motion 2) Do you want to learn Jeni Janover signature Liquid Motion techniques NOW... on the pole!? Do you want to be able execute what  see on Instagram on FaceBook?   NOW YOU CAN! In this workshop  you will learn Jeni Janover’s signature Liquid Motion style on the pole including movement theory, natural rotation, progression of sequences, and working with the physics of your body to create effortless and complex movement sentences. Get ready to learn twisty turn-y flows, unusual pirouettes, non-aerial spins, pole to floor transitions, and floor work around the base of the pole. You asked for it and now its here. LIQUID MOTION ON THE POLE.

This is an open level workshop, as there is something for every one.

Five • Fundamentals • For • Fluid • Floor work

Liquid Motion® presents a set of five fundamental floor moves that are easy to learn, easy to execute, and will help ease your fear of the floor. These moves can be used as the foundation for any sequence of floor work. Five For Floor not only provides you the moves for basic floor work, but teaches you how to navigate the floor with grace and purpose. At Liquid Motion®, like to think of Five For Floor as a springboard and inspiration for a world of ideas. Liquid One is a prerequisite* to take this workshop, as it builds upon the movement theories discussed in that workshop. Participants will draw on their experience from Liquid One, utilizing the understanding of their bodies and where the movement initiates from. Let Liquid Motion® and Five for Floor help you achieve what you what in your pole dancing.

The Art of Walking is a workshop that teaches just that, THE ART OF WALKING. The student will learn up to five different stepping sequences, two directional changes, and some sexy filler. Together these pieces will create endless beautiful walking flows that fall under the umbrella of walking but are so much more! This is a 75 minute workshop that will leave you hypnotized by your sexiness, and you never take your feet of the ground.

Liquid Doubles is a two (2) hour open level workshop exploring everything Liquid Motion with the added element of acro dance. Students will learn how to connect with another person through non-verbal communication, body awareness, and use the Liquid Motion methods. They will dive into more difficult concepts of partner work, movement, creating flows and shapes and going airborne. This workshop can be tailored to each particular studios request, depending on their student’s abilities and interest in partner work. Content can range from partner work on the floor, partner work involving lifts and transitions, and even dance based partner work on and around the pole. Get ready to roll, swing, fly, lift, thread and possibly pole* as we take the world of doubles movement to a whole new level.

A step by step progression through Jeni’s signature Liquid Motion floor flows and more advanced floor techniques. This workshop will take you through a safe and clear progression of those moves to turn you upside down and inside out. Jeni will teach you the techniques and trick’s to look like you have been rolling, twisting, pivoting, bridging, and flying for years. So put on your cozy pants, find a hoodie and some knee pads, and sign up!

A dancers guide to how to dance in heels. Do you want to be able to watch a video on You Tube and understand how they did that. NOW YOU CAN. In this workshop, you will learn about the anatomy of your shoe. You will learn how to utilize the edges and pivot points of your Lucite heels to create a smoother, stronger, and more exciting style of movement. You will learn about ankle stability and strength. Finally, we will learn the most important techniques and tricks so that you to can really understand how to dance in heels on the floor and around the pole. You must have your own pole dance heels for this workshop sweat pants, sweat shirts, kneepads, and leg warmers are highly recommended. No street shoes will be permitted.

Get Low with Liquid. Do you want to be able to watch a video on you tube and understand how they did that. NOW YOU CAN  with Liquid Motion’s Get Low With Liquid “ In this workshop you will learn all the techniques so you can understand and deconstruct what you see on social media and execute it on your own. You will learn the fundamentals of  movement with  the base of the pole while figuring out new pathways for your body to explore. Jeni will teach true base work* technique.  You will see how her Liquid Motion floor work techniques are translated to the lower half of your pole. If you live for those first 24” then this is the workshop for you. Jeni guaranties you a 90min experience like no other.

Base work* referring to all movement on and around the base of your pole.

Would you rather listen to a song on a clean, clear mp3 or a scratched record? You will hear the song on both platforms, but one will provide a more enjoyable experience. Watching or executing movement is no different. The ability to create clear movement pathways with minimal unnecessary interruption is the art of “Sequential Connection.” In this workshop,students will be taught how to remove titles of moves and simply look at movement as a progression of shapes. Each move/progression will share a common connection shape and students will be taught how to recognize them to create a smooth, fluid movement pathway. This technique is what enables you to move like Liquid and applies to all movement. Jeni and the Liquid Motion team will introduce you to Sequential Connection on the floor because they do it from the ground up. Once you understand it, the sky's the limit!

“FACE DOWN/ASS UP” is Liquid Motion on the pole with the added element of grounded inversions. Jeni Janover tested this workshop at Body & Pole to a sold out crowd, and they were blown away! Students will learn complex grounded sequences that include pirouettes, one arm spins, static rotation, low flow inversions (meaning your hips will be over your head), and Liquid Motion advanced floor work ideas around the base of the pole - all without getting more than an arm’s reach from the ground. Jeni will make you spin up the pole, twirl in the air, and rotate back down to the floor in a way you have never known before.
*Students must be able to invert comfortably without a spot and be proficient in both inside and outside leg hooks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Check our class schedule for regularly scheduled Liquid Motion® classes sponsored by local pole studios. Liquid Motion® travels all over North America offering workshops, sponsored by local pole studios. Liquid Motion® workshops are also featured at pole industry events. Check out our online calendar to see if we are coming to a studio near you, or will be featured at a pole industry event.

If you'd like to have one of our instructors come to your studio to teach workshops, contact us to reserve your dates now! Due to the high interest in Liquid Motion® workshops, we do require a 25% non-refundable deposit, in order to reserve your requested dates. Liquid Motion® is honored to be considered by your studio, and we look forward to working with you.

For workshops that require air travel, you will be responsible for any airline cancellation fees, if flights have already been booked for your date. (airline cancellation fees can be up to $200)

In Liquid 1, we encourage all students who want to explore their bodies to attend, no matter what your age, shape, or size. No pole experience is necessary, as there will be no use of poles in Liquid 1. Liquid 2 is for the more experienced pole dancer, as it involves more work on the pole. A basic understanding of pole movement is required for this workshop. It is recommended for all students to take the Liquid 1 workshop before advancing to the Liquid 2 workshop.

Comfort and safety come first! Wear any workout clothes that you feel good in. Because you will be moving around on the floor, we recommend that students wear pants over their pole shorts and a long sleeve shirt that can be removed. You will not need any footwear for this class, but ankle socks are recommended.

Much of the class is spent on the floor, so knee pads are required. Lightweight knee pads can be purchased in our online store, or at any local sporting goods store. If you are taking Liquid 2, please do not wear any oils, lotions, or jewelry on the day of your class. Slipping from the pole becomes much more likely with oily skin, so make sure to wash your hands before coming to class. Also each student should have a yoga mat and water bottle (not for drinking) for any Liquid Motion® workshop. Students can expect to receive an email prior to their Liquid workshop, which will outline all requirements for their individual Liquid experience.

In order to keep classes and workshops running smoothly, and on time, late arrivals will not be allowed in to participate. If the student has reserved a spot in the class or workshop, there will be no refunds due to late arrival. Liquid Motion® starts teaching movement theory the minute the doors close, and you would be missing very important information if you were late. Please show respect for the studio, the instructor, and your fellow students, by arriving early and prepared for your class or workshop. Thank you for understanding!

Yes. We offer many types of lessons to suit your needs. Contact Jeni Janover directly if you have any questions.