Liquid Motion ® is a methodology that can apply to any aspect of life, from everyday movement to technical dance vocabulary. This program teaches how to achieve a seamless and natural movement quality by applying basic dance theory and sensual movement exploration.


The Liquid Motion® certification is a 3 ½ day training designed to provide you, the participant, the tools and opportunity to teach your very own 75-minute Liquid Motion® class. It’s open to anyone who wants to who just want to further their movement education and gain a deeper knowledge of the Liquid Motion® Method, as well as teach Liquid Motion®.


Check our class schedule for regularly scheduled Liquid Motion® classes sponsored by local pole studios. Liquid Motion® travels all over North America offering workshops, sponsored by local pole studios. Liquid Motion® workshops are also featured at pole industry events.

Inside Liquid Motion ®

Our Customers

I recently completed the Liquid Motion 2.0 certification at the gorgeous Studio Phoenix in Arlington Heights, Illinois.  At the end of the certification program, Jeni left us with a question: Why do you dance?  On my flight home, I gave some thought to her question.  I think for me, I…read more

Ashley Beaton

"I've found Liquid Motion® to be a great tool for everyone. Even as a working dancer, I've found taking these classes to be a great way to review and smooth out my floor-work technique bases. Plus, Jeni and her classes are just really awesome."

Sammy Wong

Hi Jeni! I just took your class for the first time yesterday. You must get this ALL the time, but I really loved your class. I liked how you dissect and explain the moves, including all the subtleties involved. I think I have good body and spatial awareness, so I…read more

Andrea R.

Our studio recently hosted three Liquid Motion Workshops with Jeni Janover, and everything about it was amazing. The workshops were very well organized and covered a good amount of material without being overwhelming. Jeni is very approachable and down to earth, she’s extremely passionate about her trade and clearly enjoys…read more


Back home and I finally got a few minutes to realize how much has happened during these last two weeks – needless to say I’m completely overwhelmed! I’m still not sure of 55 h of training within less than two weeks have been my best or worst idea ever and…read more

Juliane Ulbricht

We have hosted Liquid Motion twice in our three years of being open as a studio and we can't wait to host them again in 2016! The staff is simply incredible!!! Everyone had fun and learned soooooo much new material. Jeni has an empowering way of teaching and explaining that…read more

Amy Oostveen

I had never worked with Jeni before so I have to admit I was a little unsure of what to expect, but I was so thrilled with the experience. Jeni (and Brandon) were so great and personable. Fun & easy to work with, full of great skills and information to…read more

Candice Tess

As a student of Laban Movement Analysis, in training to my certification, I was lucky to have a mini-workshop in Liquid Motion. For me it was the epitome of practicing Bartenieff Fundamentals - a movement practice which helps to re-incorporate our developmental movement patterns we acquired between birth and 1…read more

Gila Kaplan

We had the opportunity to have Danielle in our Studio. Liquid Motion was incredible! All our girls were very satisfied and happy to learn beautiful movements in a very professional way. Hoping to learn more and more from you guys!! Thanks, Highly recommended!!

Beats... Dance, Health and Fitness

Today I want to express my gratitude to Jeni Janover and Liquid Motion. Tuesday I got to experience it up close and personal and to see Jeni at work. Whenever an instructor is able to define and dissect movement concepts in a way that is understandable to any level of…read more

Tracee Kafer

I had heard lots of wonderful things throughout the pole community about the Liquid Motion method and so I was very excited I could bring them to my studio for 2 workshops. What a great decision!!!! I really enjoyed learning the techniques and am eager to apply them to my…read more


I can't Thank You enough for sending Danielle Mayzes our way here in San Antonio, Texas. Danielle is an amazing instructor and an exquisite performer plus sooooooo much fun! SSM students loved your program and recognized the importance of such a program and why it is needed in the Pole…read more

Rene Mulholland Owner Soft Sensuous Moves LLC

We have had Liquid Motion here at Xpose Fitness before and have always had a great experience. Stephanie Skyy has always taught them here and she is just an absolute treat to work with. All of the students had a blast and were excited to learn some new stuff or…read more

Rachal Frank

I heard about Liquid Motion when they were just starting out. I first found Jeni through StudioVeena where she told me about her program and that she would be bringing it to Brass Vixens in Toronto. I was the woman with no dance experience who jumped into pole and originally…read more

Sarah Boileau

I am the owner of Diva Den Studio in Portland Oregon. Danielle Mayzes with Liquid Motion came out a few weeks ago and did some workshops with us. We had a blast! She was so good at breaking it all down and giving different ways of doing things. I have…read more

Kristin Nelson

I loved it. It changed my entire perspective on floor work.


Spinning Angels Pole Fitness asked Liquid Motion to come and do workshops with us in Jan 2013, and we still say it is the best workshop we have ever done! We liked the workshops and instructors (Jeni Janover and Danielle Mayzes McCarthy) so much we asked them to come back…read more

Angel Stewart

Liquid Motion makes movement accessible and systematic. It added possibility to everything.


Well we had an AMAZING time with Jeni Janover at Liquid Motion this weekend! She taught 2 Liquid 1 workshops, 1 Liquid Two workshop, and the all new 5 For Floor! We LOVED all of them and can't wait to do them again!! I highly recommend these workshops to anybody…read more


Loved it and can't wait to make it part of my dancing!


I had the opportunity to take all three of the Liquid Motion workshops recently. They were absolutely amazing and completely changed how I approach floorwork. And the best part was, even though I'm not particularly flexible, I could use everything Jeni taught us! Yay!


As promised, I am blogging today about my recent adventure taking a Liquid Motion® class with the amazing Jeni Janover. For those new to my blog, note that I am NOT a pole dancer, I am an overweight woman looking to change her lifestyle for this year. This will be…read more

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