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Liquid Motion® is a methodology that can apply to any aspect of life, from everyday movement to technical dance vocabulary. This program teaches how to achieve a seamless and natural movement quality by applying basic dance theory and sensual movement exploration.


The Liquid Motion® certification is a 3 ½ day training designed to provide you, the participant, the tools and opportunity to teach your very own 75-minute Liquid Motion® class. It’s open to anyone who wants to further their movement education and gain a deeper knowledge of the Liquid Motion® Method, as well as teach Liquid Motion®.


Check our class schedule for regularly scheduled Liquid Motion® classes sponsored by local pole studios. Liquid Motion® travels all over North America offering workshops, sponsored by local pole studios. Liquid Motion® workshops are also featured at pole industry events.


Liquid Motion® is now officially both NASM and AFAA approved continuing education provider and our licensed members can now receive continuing education credits or units (CECs or CEUs) for their Liquid Motion® 1.0, 2.0 and Heels certifications.

Further your movement education, gain a deeper knowledge of the Liquid Motion® method, and turn teaching into a career.

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As an adult learner of dance, Liquid Motion® made learning dance a reality and not just a dream.


The Liquid Motion® certification is a motivating exploration of movement for your body, that you didn’t know you needed. The certification team was very encouraging and supportive during the process: they want you to succeed!


Little did I know getting certified in Liquid Motion® would change my life for the better! Doing the 1.0 certification was just to immerse myself in the art. I was then presented with the opportunity to “teach” women in shelters a type of fitness movement. Activating my license opened so many doors and now I teach at two incredible studios and just took the 2.0 certification! Can’t wait to incorporate the moves and knowledge I learned.


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Upcoming Events

Event Location Date
Virtual Wed Jan 3 2024, 06:00pm ESTWed Jan 8 2025, 06:00pm EST register
Virtual Wed Jan 10 2024, 07:30pm ESTWed Jan 15 2025, 07:30pm EST register
Virtual Sat Jan 20 2024, 06:00pm ESTSat Jan 11 2025, 06:00pm EST register
Clase Virtual Thu Jun 6 2024, 02:00pm EDTThu Oct 23 2025, 04:30pm EDT register
Virtual / Microsoft Team Meeting Sat Jun 22 2024, 02:00pm EDTSat Nov 2 2024, 03:30pm EDT register
Clase Virtual Mon Jul 8 2024, 02:00pm EDTMon May 25 2026, 01:30pm EDT register
Online Training Fri Aug 9 2024, 11:00am EDTSun Aug 11 2024, 08:00pm EDT register

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Each and every one of our Licensed Instructors have successfully completed a certification training and have been certified by our Liquid Motion® Master Trainers. They have the tools and the expertise to guide you in your Liquid Motion® exploration. Find one in your area and #GetLiquid!

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Important FAQs About Getting Certified

Q: Do you offer payment plans?

A: Yes, we offer a payment plan that requires a 50% non-refundable deposit at the time of registration and the remaining balance 30 days prior to the training date.

Q: What is the difference between being Certified and being Licensed?

A: Think of the Certification as an intensive continuing education. If you want to explore the theory of movement Liquid Motion® style, it is a one time exposure. After the training, without an active license, you will have your notes and an electronic copy of the manual to explore on your own, and not teach. The License allows you the ability to teach and gives you ongoing access to the online content (videos, electronic manual, pre-written class outlines, branding materials, listed on our website directory, etc.). The online content includes what is covered in the Certification, in addition to 60+ plus moves, sequences, and conditioning videos. After the certification, with the license, you have unlimited access to all of the content on-going, to review, refresh, etc., as long as your license is current. Your online licensed content includes any level of Liquid Motion certification that you have completed at one flat rate. *A one-year Licensed Membership is included at registration for your Liquid Motion® 1.0 Certification.

Q: Is it possible to miss a portion of the training? I have a conflict with one day/a couple of hours.

A: Unfortunately attendance is required for the entire training. Registration in non refundable, you are allowed to reserve your credit for another certification or transfer your registration to another attendee.

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