What is Liquid Motion®?

Liquid Motion® is a method and style of dance and movement education that is brought to the general public through safe, fun, and educational classes and certification trainings worldwide.  Liquid Motion® primarily utilizes the floor as its classroom, working from the ground up. The Liquid Motion® method trains students and teachers using floor work techniques that translate universally to all types of movement. Its creator, Jeni Janover, has rewritten the way the movement industry teaches sensual floor work and has changed the way we as a visual and performing arts culture interacts with you, the client. Our approach makes Liquid Motion® accessible to the masses – we don’t just “roll around on the floor.”  The Liquid Motion® program will challenge you both physically and mentally in ways traditional floor work and sensual movement classes never have. The end result is breathtaking and life changing. Liquid Motion® is recognized around the world for its seamless, organic and hypnotic quality of movement.  The Liquid Motion® approach is designed by real people, for real people, which means you will be successful…we guarantee it.


Liquid Motion® was born from the connection Jeni Janover found with herself while taking classes at a local pole dance studio. Rather than connecting with the pole tricks, Jeni was drawn to the actual movement and her development of unbelievable body awareness. She was reunited with her dance roots, but this time it was very different.

As classes progressed, Jeni began to disconnect with many of the practices used to teach “sensuality.” She felt students were being taught by imitation rather than exploration and technique. That element of real body awareness was lost. Students were not given the true fundamental ideas and techniques that could be applied to what they were doing and that was what would truly give them the end results they were looking for.

Jeni decided there needed to be a simple methodology that could help everyone understand this kind of movement–this kind of sensual movement. First, she removed the pole from her foundation. She felt it was a distraction, creating confusion and a negative stigma for new students. Without the pole, there were no pole tricks. By removing the tricks, the students were compelled to focus on their own body’s movement and explore the variations that they could create.  The floor was now their apparatus. Their body was their tool. Jeni was their teacher, educating them with true technique when it came to sensual movement. It was then that Liquid Motion® was born.

The sacral chakra, represented by the color orange,  is associated with sensual and sexual pleasure, creativity and fantasies, emotions and feelings. It is located about three inches below your belly button, at the level of the lumbar vertebrae and the reproductive organs. When your sacral chakra is balanced you have the ability to flow, to open yourself sensually to experience oneness within yourself. One of the building blocks of the Liquid Motion® methodology is rooted in one’s connection to pelvic initiation and how that creates a seamless, natural movement quality.

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We teach people to love who they are on all levels. We give them an unbelievable sense of confidence which carries on to their everyday lives and helps them appreciate and celebrate all people. Once you tap into this feeling and are able to express it through movement, it is nothing short of amazing.


Jeni Janover

“Through self-exploration, knowledge, fun, and unconventional teaching methods, I guarantee a successful, wild movement journey, in which students can conquer floor work and truly understand sensuality.”


Accro Brandon

“I love Liquid! Its not just movement but theory also and the best part is that anyone is capable of doing it. I love seeing people get it and the smile on their faces.”


Danielle Mayzes

“What I love about dancing is that there is never an ending; there will always be more to learn. I love taking my students along with me on that journey.”



“Liquid Motion can be the cornerstone of your unique and beautiful journey of self-exploration as a dancer.”



“Liquid Motion showed me that anyone—including me!—can become a dancer.”



My philosophy is “technique first, finesse later.” A lot of people get intimidated and aren’t sure they can “move like that.” Liquid Motion® doesn’t teach sensuality. It teaches you the proper technique and body mechanics to add these movements into your dance vocabulary- and make it uniquely your own.