The Liquid Motion 1.0 Certification is an all-inclusive movement experience. Whether you are taking our Live Virtual Training, In-Person Training, or On-Demand self-guided option, this is where it all begins. Our 1.0 certification is designed for anyone who wants to immerse themselves in everything Liquid Motion, and or teach the Liquid Motion class. Our 1.0 training is open to all levels and no experience is necessary. Each participant who successfully completes the 1.0 training will also become part of our licensed Liquid Motion community, giving you access to our ever-growing video movement library, ongoing brand support, countless marketing resources and exclusive member discounts. Get Certified and really GET MOVING!

Required Equipment for Virtual Training:

  • Reliable internet connection
  • A computer or device to connect remotely with a camera, speakers and a microphone
  • Adequate floor space to move without inhibition (we recommend at least 100 sq. ft.)
  • At least one open wall space, free of nails and rough edges
  • Kneepads
  • Yoga mat and blocks

What's Included

$680 (Virtual)

  • 3 full 8-hour days online training
  • Complete video library of moves (200+ videos!) to compliment the 20 pre-written full class outlines
  • Includes one year of Membership in the Liquid Motion® Licensed Network giving you ongoing support and tools for success.
  • The ability to teach your own Liquid Motion® class whenever and wherever you want
    • Individual listing on the Liquid Motion® website as a licensed instructor
    • All access to branding, digital images, and logos
    • 20 pre-written full class outlines with warm up additions, conditioning exercises, and suggested flows when applicable
    • Two sample warm ups :one seated, one standing
    • Standing and seated warm up videos
    • Conditioning videos
    • Sample sequence videos
    • Reference video tutorials for all 1.0 manual content (PLUS 60 additional moves not covered in the live training!)
    • FREE full-length pre-recorded classes and tutorials in the exclusive members-only “Jeni’s Corner”
  • Additional self-guided pre-work training sessions before the live training sessions
  • An electronic copy of the Liquid Motion 1.0 Certification manual* including the Liquid Motion® fundamental moves, theories, and techniques with complete descriptions
  • A “1.0 Certified” tank top (available for purchase from our exclusive certified store)
  • A Certificate of Completion with NASM/AFAA CEUs (see above for amount)

$680 (In-Person)

  • Same as above just in-person!

$750 (On-Demand)

  • Same as above PLUS:
  • Ideal for someone who wants individualized feedback from on of our Master Trainers!
  • Video lessons you can pause, slow down, rewind and watch as many times as you like
  • Self-guided assignments to complete at your own pace

*Hard copies of manuals are not included, but are available for purchase at checkout for your event and will be sent out via USPS. Shipping is included in the manual price for U.S. residents only; expected delivery time is 1-2 weeks. Participants residing outside of the U.S. may be subject to additional shipping cost; expected delivery time is 3-4 weeks.

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Further your movement education, gain a deeper knowledge of the Liquid Motion method, and turn teaching into a career.

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Fri Dec 1 2023, 11:00am ESTSun Dec 3 2023, 08:00pm EST register
Fri Jan 12 2024, 11:00am ESTSun Jan 14 2024, 08:00pm EST register
Fri Feb 23 2024, 11:00am ESTSun Feb 25 2024, 08:00pm EST register
Fri Mar 8 2024, 11:00am ESTSun Mar 10 2024, 08:00pm EDT register

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