The Liquid Motion® 2.0 certification is a 2-day training – the second step in your movement journey. In the 1.0 training, we taught you the fundamentals and gave you a solid foundation. Whether you are taking our Live Virtual Training, In-Person Training, or On-Demand self-guided option, in 2.0, we will teach you advanced movement theory, give you accessible progressions to conquer advanced floor work, and challenge you to look at all of your 1.0 content through new eyes.  You must have successfully completed the Liquid Motion® 1.0 Certification Training, as it all builds on preexisting content.*

Liquid Motion® is now officially both NASM and AFAA approved continuing education provider and our licensed members can now receive continuing education credits or units (CECs or CEUs) for their Liquid Motion® 1.0, 2.0 and Heels certifications.

NASM CEUs: 1.0 = 1.9; 2.0 = 1.5; Heels = 1.6

AFAA CEUs: 1.0 = 15; 2.0 = 15; Heels = 15

Liquid Motion® 2.0 will teach you the important techniques from the 1.0 Extended Library that are crucial if you want to eventually achieve more difficult floor work and an overall better understanding of your body. Participants will receive the 2.0 manual filled with ALL NEW material, as well as intermediate to advanced fundamentals and techniques. Learning these concepts will give you the tools to understand the building blocks of any move, even that nemesis move you just can’t seem to get. Liquid Motion® 2.0 is about expanding your mind and strengthening your body. There is NO exam portion of this training. Getting to this point is a test in and of itself. Let Jeni and her team take you into the next chapter of your movement journey with Liquid Motion® 2.0.

Required Equipment for Virtual Training:

  • Reliable internet connection
  • A computer or device to connect remotely with a camera, speakers and a microphone
  • Adequate floor space to move without inhibition (we recommend at least 100 sq. ft.)
  • At least one open wall space, free of nails and rough edges
  • Kneepads
  • Yoga mat and blocks

*You do not need a license to register for this level. Participation in 2.0 does not affect your licensed teaching status.


$500 (Virtual)

  • 2 full 8-hour days online training of complex intermediate and advanced floor work
  • Techniques, tools, & theory to execute and create next level floor work
  • Including the Liquid Motion® Extended Library and 2.0 Manual filled with new materials containing intermediate and advanced moves, exercises and a deeper look into our techniques and fundamentals.
  • An electronic copy of the Liquid Motion® 2.0 Certification manual*
  • A Certificate of Completion with NASM/AFAA CEUs (see above for amount)
  • A 2.0 “Certified” tank top (available for purchase from our exclusive certified store)

$500 (In-Person)

  • Same as above just in-person!

$425 (On-Demand)

  • Same as above PLUS:
  • Ideal for someone who wants individualized feedback from on of our Master Trainers!
  • Video lessons you can pause, slow down, rewind and watch as many times as you like
  • Self-guided assignments to complete at your own pace

*Hard copies of manuals are not included, but are available for purchase at checkout for your event and will be sent out via USPS. Shipping is included in the manual price for U.S. residents only; expected delivery time is 1-2 weeks. Participants residing outside of the U.S. may be subject to additional shipping cost; expected delivery time is 3-4 weeks.

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Upcoming Live In Person and Virtual Certifications

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Fri Aug 9 2024, 11:00am EDTSun Aug 11 2024, 08:00pm EDT register
Fri Aug 23 2024, 11:00am EDTSun Aug 25 2024, 08:00pm EDT register
Fri Sep 6 2024, 10:00am AKSun Sep 8 2024, 07:00pm AK register
Fri Oct 11 2024, 11:00am PDTSun Oct 13 2024, 08:00pm PDT register
Fri Oct 18 2024, 11:00am EDTSun Oct 20 2024, 08:00pm EDT register
Fri Nov 15 2024, 11:00am ESTSun Nov 17 2024, 08:00pm EST register
Fri Apr 4 2025, 10:00amSun Apr 6 2025, 07:00pm register
Sat Jul 12 2025, 11:00am EDTSun Jul 13 2025, 08:00pm EDT register