Our New On-Demand Option is “so well organized and well taught!”

22 Sep 21

We know it’s hard to carve out time for yourself when you’re juggling work, life and everything!

We also know that there are so many people who are interested in taking our certifications around the world but few can attend a US-eastern time zone-scheduled certification.

That’s why we created the on-demand option for our popular virtual certifications and intensives using the awesome self-paced tool Thinkific… and people already love it!

“I just completed the replay option for Liquid Motion®’s 4-hour intensive using their new replay option since I was unable to attend the live virtual training. Wowo!! So well organized and well taught! I loved how the replay training was structured and I feel like I received a really in depth conceptual understanding of the new material.” –Karen

How does it work?

Certifications and intensives are organized into modules that you view at your own pace. Stop, start, and rewind whenever you want. The content is bite-sized so you can do a short module and then take a break and come back refreshed without missing anything. Quizzes help break up the information and allow you to digest the information easily and completely, which can sometimes be hard in a live class!

All on-demand certifications also qualify for the same continuing education credits from NASM and AFAA. If you took one of our certifications prior to 2021, you are not eligible to claim these credits from your previous certification BUT you can retake any Liquid Motion® certification for 50% off and then earn these CEUs with NASM/AFAA. These CEUs can be applied to renew any NASM/AFAA certification such as Personal Trainer or Group Fitness. If you don’t have or don’t want these types of qualifications, don’t worry about it! This perk doesn’t change anything about your credentials if you are not a member of these organizations.

Watch this video from Jeni to see exactly how the new system works:


I’m interested; when can I start?

All levels of our certifications are currently available on-demand right now. Click here to sign up and start immediately. Please note, you must have taken our 1.0 certification before taking our Heels or 2.0 training.

Our Liquid Motion® on the Pole 4-hour intensive is also available on-demand now. Click here to sign up and start immediately.

If you haven’t taken our 1.0 certification yet, a live virtual version is coming up on October 9-10, 2021! This is a great condensed virtual option if the On-Demand option doesn’t work for you.

Got questions? We’ve got answers! Email us today.

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