What is Sensual Movement?

17 May 21

How do you define sensual movement?

The definition of the word “sensuality” (according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary) is “relating to or consisting in the gratification of the senses or the indulgence of appetite.” This is what we help our students to understand and achieve.

The definition of the term “sensual movement” (according to Liquid Motion®) is as follows:

If you actively use all your senses, you will undoubtedly have a heightened sense of awareness in all areas, including body awareness. To be a successful mover in Liquid Motion®, you must have total body awareness. If you have that, you can create successful movement that your body understands – or what we call Sensual Movement.

If one understands how we perceive the word “sensual” as it pertains to movement, along with the actual definition of the word, then it is clear that the confusion lies within modern culture.

We believe the problem is not fear of sensual movement itself, but rather a misunderstanding of what it really is.

Society has created confusion between the words “sexuality” and “sensuality.” The confusion reaches so far that it parallels pornography or adult entertainment (whatever the hell that means). Because of this, anytime the general public hears the word sensuality, they cringe. Within our own industry, this word has been so watered down, that no one even takes it seriously any more.

We at Liquid Motion® are determined to reclaim the term “sensual movement” for what it really is…

The Activation Of The Senses To Create Total Body Awareness.

It is only when you understand this heightened form of body awareness will the exploration of your body’s natural movement allow you to embrace your individuality and confidence, not only in dance, but in life.

Definitions can begin to collide. As you will quickly see, many of our practices and ideas may challenge or contradict what you have learned about sensual movement up until this point. Leave your preconceived notions at the door. Be open to a new perspective. Don’t let expectations inhibit your movement journey with Liquid Motion®.

Understanding Liquid Motion®

The ability to fully understand how your body naturally moves and what that feels like will ultimately give you the fluidity and Liquid style that you are looking for. Liquid Motion® does not teach you to be sexy, but it does teach you to be sensual and to be proud of it. We are in no way limiting you or telling you that other forms of movement, whether sexual or not, are wrong or right. We are simply leaving that exploration up to you and giving you the tools to keep exploring. We want to make sure you understand how we as a movement culture understand Liquid Motion®.

To understand Liquid Motion® is to be able to recognize and apply our methods. The ability to understand how the Liquid Motion® methodology changes movement is what truly gives you freedom and confidence to create your own Liquid Motion®. That is the final goal, and that final goal will take time. First, you need to learn, understand, and apply our Five Fundamentals and our Five Techniques, as these are your foundation!

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